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At BC Auto Dismantlers, you can rely on us to have exactly what you need. We've built an enviable reputation over the past 15 years for being a trustworthy service and the go-to company for car dismantling. If we don't have the part in stock we will ensure we have it for you the next day.

Has the part you need when you need it?

When you've put in a parts request, the moment we get it in stock we'll let you know that it's ready to be fitted into your vehicle.

Parts available for your convenience

When your car has let you down, we won't let you down too. The worst thing you can be told when your car is off the road is that a new part has to be ordered which could take days or even weeks depending on how specialist it is. At BC Auto Dismantlers, with our large selection of used parts, we'll find what you need. If we don't have what you need today, we'll have it tomorrow.

Why choose BC Auto Dismantlers?

For parts that have just arrived, contact us today on

A brand new brake disc